Would you like to buy and own shares of a real company?

Introducing Liquity Fund: a Blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform that lets you exchange cryptos for startups' equity.

Equity investments have never been this liquid.

Select the startup

Access to several pre-selected top-tier startups, with high potential and proven results, seeking investments. Check for the one that attracts you the most, and discover all its characteristics and metrics. Is it the one?

Obtain your tokenized shares

When you decide the best pick, you can select the amount to invest, and be ready to scale up! You will receive directly in your wallet the tokens representing the equity of the company you chose.

We make the transfer

We take care of the transfer of funds to the startups, constantly tracking the progress and the goals achieved! The whole process is regulated through smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Trade your shares on a secondary market

Access a worldwide trading facility that enables you to liquidate your tokens without middlemen. We enable investors to exchange tokenized shares all around the world, within few clicks. Easy, rapid, transparent.

How the LiquityFund process works




I'm in charge of Dev relations. If you want to know more about how our system works, or if you are interested in the APIs to integrate our services, text me on Telegram or LinkedIn.



I'm in charge of PR and communication for the business side, if you want to have more information or clarification about the project feel free to text me on Telegram or LinkedIn.